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Melissa Cordeiro, Owner/LMT

Alexandra Byrne, LMT

Melissa gained her certification in Massage Therapy in 2014, and quickly after became licensed in New Hampshire prior to passing the MBLEx (a nationally recognized exam for Massage Therapy).
Since then, Melissa has been dedicated to treating her clients with the topmost care and skills that can be provided. Her goal is to tend to any concerns of pain/discomfort and restricted movement, while also providing the opportunity for relaxation and healing during her sessions.
After working in several spas and an athletic club, Melissa chose to open her own Massage Therapy practice, LIVE BETTER, in 2022, where she strives to continue learning and gaining new skills in order to consistently provide Massage Therapy treatment that is customized to each individual client's needs.

Alexandra Byrne graduated from North Eastern Institute of Whole Health in early 2024. Alexandra has a background in practicing and instructing yoga that has helped her to deeply understand the inner workings of the body and mind. By valuing the importance of dropping into our bodies to return home within ourselves, Alexandra finds that this has guided and impacted her work as a Massage Therapist.
Alexandra's approach to Massage Therapy is both holistic and therapeutic, aligning with her belief that the body heals itself when given the proper nourishment and care. Alexandra is committed to providing personalized treatments tailored to address clients' specific concerns, while also promoting relaxation and homeostasis of the mind, body, and spirit.

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